• Double-Skin Curtain Wall System
  • Unitized Curtain Wall System
  • Modular Curtain Wall System
  • Stick Curtain Wall System
  • Point Fixing Frameless Glass Curtain Wall
  • Frameless Sides Fixing Glass Curtain Wall
  • Skylight
  • Metal Roof System
  • Curtain Wall Decorative Components System
  • Breast Board System
  • Canopy
  • Energy Saving Aluminum Doors and Windows System
  • Solar Utilized Curtain Wall System
  • Night Scene Lighting and Video Curtain Wall
  • Sun-shading Products
  • Ventilation Products
  • Yuanda Haifeng Curtain Wall Micro-ventilation system
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    With our objective for development and growth, the combinations of the world,s top technology and a perfect first-class facility and professionalism to be the fore front leaders of the international market. Yuanda-To Build up World-class Plant, To Create World-famous Brand.

    BZ150 Multi-Function Program Controlled Profile Processing Center (Germany)
    DG244 Double-Mitre Sloped Cutting Machine (Germany)
    SB610 Profile Processing Center ( Germany )
    BA135 Multi-Head Drilling Machine (Germany)
    SBZ130 8-Station Revolving Aluminum Profile Processing Center (Germany)
    XX11 Series Insulated Aluminum Profile Production Line (Italy)
    EP124 Profile Corner Press Machine (Germany)