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  • Modular Curtain Wall System
  • Stick Curtain Wall System
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  • Frameless Sides Fixing Glass Curtain Wall
  • Skylight
  • Metal Roof System
  • Curtain Wall Decorative Components System
  • Breast Board System
  • Canopy
  • Energy Saving Aluminum Doors and Windows System
  • Solar Utilized Curtain Wall System
  • Night Scene Lighting and Video Curtain Wall
  • Sun-shading Products
  • Ventilation Products
  • Yuanda Haifeng Curtain Wall Micro-ventilation system
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    Yuanda Curtain wall worldwide sales and service network

    Yuanda,s sales network has spread more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Yuanda will make more and more benefits for clients with honesty and professional service.

    United Kingdom Market (including United Kingdom etc.)

    Germany and Sweden market (including Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway etc.)

    Swiss and French market (including Swiss, France etc.)

    Southeast Asian markets (including Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand etc.)

    Singapore and Malaysia markets (including Singapore, Malaysia etc.)

    Domestic market,(Shenyang Manufacture Base,Shanghai Manufacture Base,etc. Covering 36 provinces and cities in China)

    Americas and African markets (including United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and Africa etc.)

    Australian markets (including Australia, New Zealand etc.)

    Italy and Russian market (focuses on, including Italy, Russia, Uzbekistan etc.)

    Germany and Sweden market (including Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway etc.)

    Middle East markets (including UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain etc.)