• Double-Skin Curtain Wall System
  • Unitized Curtain Wall System
  • Modular Curtain Wall System
  • Stick Curtain Wall System
  • Point Fixing Frameless Glass Curtain Wall
  • Frameless Sides Fixing Glass Curtain Wall
  • Skylight
  • Metal Roof System
  • Curtain Wall Decorative Components System
  • Breast Board System
  • Canopy
  • Energy Saving Aluminum Doors and Windows System
  • Solar Utilized Curtain Wall System
  • Night Scene Lighting and Video Curtain Wall
  • Sun-shading Products
  • Ventilation Products
  • Yuanda Haifeng Curtain Wall Micro-ventilation system
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  • United Kingdom Projects
  • United States Projects
  • Europe Projects
  • Australia Projects
  • Middle East Projects
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    Leaders Visit

    Yuanda is based upon China from the date of establishment, watching the whole world, to make the world-class brand. In the realization of their own scientific operations and global development, meanwhile, to expand the advantages of international trade, the employment increased with the social harmonious development. With acceptance and concerning by the Party and government, the state leadership paid many times to visit Yuanda for inspecting and supervising the works.

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